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Hotel hugcollection
HUG Collection @ Nimman Hotel
1 Sirimungklajarn Rd., Suthep
Muang, Chiang Mai, 50200

Location:City, Nimmanhaemin
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Hotel chiangmai

Sited close to the vibrant street Nimman, HUG Collection @ Nimman Hotel is within the city center of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The area represents a mix of stylish modern living and traditional northern Thai lifestyles. Here you can visit cultural antique accessories shops as well as fashion outlets, restaurants and lively bars. It is also a great choice of accommodation for those who want to discover old temples, trekking through magnificent forests and natural parks either by walking or biking. It is only a 5-minute walk to the Walking Street, and Chiang Mai’s airport is less than a 15-minute drive away.

HUG Collection @ Nimman Hotel offers spacious and unique rooms, all of which are modern designed emphasizing on a stylish and comfortable living. In-room facilities include air conditioning, desk, hair dryer, LCD flat screen TV, mini-bar, telephone, tea and coffee making facilities as well as free Wi-Fi Internet connection.

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HUG Collection @nimman is an extra-ordinary place to stay in shades of Ideas, lifestyles and attractions that express distinguished characteristics of designs and services of our property. Right here, we have selected many great small and unique ideas of design with best composure in every inches of our area, we have created new breeds of lifestyles with various mixtures of living accessories and distinguished high standard of services and we are telling the story of Chiang Mai's attractiveness in our own fashion ways. With these ingredients make Hug Collection @nimman goes beyond being just a place to spend a night and having ABF. We are committed to give our entire guests series of unique and memorable experiences in anyways to assure the highest satisfaction while staying with us.

HUG Collection @nimman locates in the most vibrant and hip area of Nimmanhemin which represents the intersection of Stylish modern living and the traditional northern lifestyles. Guests can enjoy strolling along all the astounding boutique fashion outlets, the cultural antique accessories shops, lively restaurants, bars, cafes, nightlife spots and terraces.
We proudly present our 12 comfortably spacious rooms with individually vibrant and colorful designs and decorations. Also, each room is equipped with super comfortable bed and sleeping accessories, special minibar items, our different selections of facilities and amenities , Free unlimited Wi-Fi internet access, international high standard of hygienic environment and our friendly and unique services.
Room Facilities
  • - Air conditioning
  • - Bathroom with separate shower and toilet
  • - Desk
  • - Hair dryer
  • - Safe
  • - LCD flat screen TV
  • - Mini bar
  • - Room service
  • - Telephone
  • - Tea and coffee making facilities
  • - Free Wi-Fi internet connection

Superior Room
201 Small Hug
Designed originally for young stylish couple who loves simplicity, yet highly convenient and warmness. With the touching of our designs, may be just small tiny things and corners, we surely will make you forget how the size does matters.
401 Strawberry Hug
Strawberries are quite the unique fruit for two reasons. The seeds are on the outside of the fruit, and they only ripen on the plant meaning that if picked green, strawberries will not continue to ripen to their juicy redness. Strawberries are known for their aroma, brilliant red color, unique appearance, and juicy sweetness. Strawberries have multiple culinary options from eating fresh off the vine to ice cream, pies, preserves, sauces, and fruit juice.

With those distinctive features, Strawberry hug just imitates the uniqueness of strawberry especially the color, the appearance and juicy sweetness. The room color element is mainly decorated in the shade of red representing of which stimulates you and raises the pulse rate, giving the impression that time is passing faster than it is. It relates to the masculine principle and can activate the "fight or flight" instinct. Red is strong, and very basic. And also, it is stimulating and lively, very friendly. The roughness yet soften element of the strawberry skin is represented by the master piece of the art originally painted on the bed panel together with the softness of our sleeping accessories. The juicy sweetness is emphasized by the decorative items furnished around the room which would bring the sweetest part out of you.
403 Simple Hug
Simplicity had been extinct from our world since dinosaurs were hit by a 6-miles diameter asteroid. Everything had become more complicated since then, until now. We are living in a society of Rules, Traditions and Orders. Frankly, ones who need to find a accommodating place with a good size for staying, a comfortable bed to sleep in, a nice beautiful bathroom, a good cup of coffee and probably some good boosts before tucked in, will find that it's very complicate to find one. You need to go to surf a lot of online travel agent's websites and read lots of comments in travelers' blogs, all of that or more to compare and make decision.

Our Simple Hug is offering you with all those desired attributes in the most simple way.

201 Small Hug 201 Small Hug 201 Small Hug
401 Strawberry Hug 403 Simple Hug 403 Simple Hug
Deluxe Room
202 Modern Hug
Featuring a timeless look of modern living with styles. Crafted with the environment of the fashion boutique accessories, the room surrounded with cornered glassy windows allowing the sight of lively Chiangmai's atmosphere. It is ideal for anyone who loves modern design paired with utility and comfort.
303 Sexy Hug
The routine of everyday life may often make you lose sight of how important it really is to feel that you are a part of a couple. Our Sexy Hug Room will revive the importance of that feeling back to you once again. The physical design of the room is very much indulging your sense and spoiling your soul with the semi transparency of the window glasses around you. All the facility is designed in a minimalist style of which doesn't allow the emptiness of space to interrupt the existence of couple ship.
304 Warm Hug
The Integration of the most compatible ones would make it becomes no less than a Perfect Combination and the resonance of that combination would be a phenomenon. Our Warm hug room and facilities will offer you a nice touch of elegant interior design function and concept together with a truly convenient decorative items, simultaneously, indulging you a taste of a simply perfect stay with elegance and paradise's ambiance.
402 Sugar Hug
"I feel nice like sugar and spice, baby" a glimpse from a James Brown's single "I got you(I feel good)" became our philosophy of designing the functionalities and the sensualities of this room, Sugar Hug. As we all know, sometimes life is rough and bitter. Adding sweetness and stimulus to your vacation is what we are aiming to perform. The mood and tone of the design will be led by the sweet color, hence putting more vibration with energetic color tone. Those would make your trip just as nice, like sugar and spice baby .

202 Modern Hug 202 Modern Hug 303 Sexy Hug
304 Warm Hug 402 Sugar Hug 402 Sugar Hug
Deluxe Triple Room
301 Sandwich Hug
Hugging is not only just for two..adding extra person will make a simple hug becomes more awesome..just like sandwiches. The designed spacy room is perfect for accommodating any group of 3 people who love to craving their relationship tight with fun, love and warm in a fashion way.

This design room has a double and single bed, is spacious and above all comfortable. The extra large room offers a spacy bathroom with separate shower and toilet. Facilities include air conditioning, desk, hair dryer, safe, LCD flat screen TV, Mini bar, Radio, room service, telephone, tea and coffee making facilities and free wifi internet connection.

Family Room
Executive Suite
HUG Coffee Bar HUG Coffee Bar HUG Coffee Bar


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